Marilyn Clark

Marilyn Jane Clark is currently thriving and art making in Killarney, Manitoba.

After two years of study in psychology at the University of Winnipeg, Marilyn transferred her academic focus to Fine Arts and received a BFA Honours from the University of Manitoba. Interior Decorating at Red River College and Computer Graphics at Robertson College have both contributed to Marilyn's creative tools and concepts.

Marilyn uses an encaustic painting technique which combines heated beeswax and pigments on birch panels. Encaustic painting dates back to 100 AD and results in an enduring, organic, tactile and semi-translucent surface. Both the ancient technique and scent of warm wax and wood contribute to her aesthetic and artistic philosophy.

Conceptual in her approach, Marilyn explores philosophical ideas informed by history, archaeology, genetics, memory, and cultural constructs embodied as a subjective individual perception.

Artist's Statement

When I paint, I'm attempting to record ideas that are normally left to the spoken word, but might be viewed through fresh eyes from a visual perspective.

I have a metaphysical approach to creating and think of the artist as alchemist and the medium as matter. Somewhere in the physical mixing of heat, wax, minerals, layering and scraping an organic manifestation materializes. The process is a meditative relationship where the characteristics of the materials and the physical energy of the artist become one.

Painting from a flow state, I myself am often surprised by the subconscious narrative that emerges.

I am both inspired and refer to ideas based on research in ancient history, genetic memory, primordial design, the unique spark of individuals and the energies that form between relationships.