Jeanine Turnbull

Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario with forest, mountains and Lake Superior have all influenced her love of nature.

She began drawing at a young age and it was when she moved to Winnipeg that she took advantage of the various art classes and art groups. A couple decades ago, she moved to a farm in Mather and lives happily with her husband, horses, dog and cat. She enjoys all mediums of art, but by far watercolour is her first love. She is usually painting landscapes or animals.

When she sets brush to paper she enters a place where the joy of colour and shape enthrals her. Nature is so beautiful and she hopes to be able to share a bit of how it affects and resonates within her.

She has been teaching art for the past 25 years and she loves to see the quiet pride as people create more than they thought they could. The act of drawing or painting using observation and concentration can be very calming. Sharing art and encouraging people to find their own style has been a big part of her life.

Living on a farm with her animal friends and the beauty of the prairie has been a privilege. Age brings changes and she is doing her best to keep going on the farm. It is comforting to know that art is something that age doesn't affect as much. She hopes to continue teaching and painting for some time yet.